Antiviral Covid-19 Fogging

As offices and other spaces begin to open up again many things will have changed to incorporate new Covid safe practices. One of these is cleaning, we are all much more aware of how easy it is for bacteria to spread and the harm and devastation it can cause.

With this in mind deep sanitising must become part of our regular cleaning regime. Manual cleaning with disinfectant is best practice to eradicate surface bacteria, if this is done alongside ULV Fogging then airbourne pathogens and hard to reach places will be kept germ free too.

Alongside return to the work-place cleans and our regular cleaning we also offer a one off ULV Fogging service. If someone in your office has shown symptoms of Covid 19 or indeed been diagnosed with it, we can quickly and easily sanitise the work-space using ULV Fogging.


Returning To The Work Place Cleans
Our Covid-19 (Coronavirus) deep cleaning service is ideal for Offices, Warehouses, Factories, Shops, Estate Agents, Restaurants, Public Houses, Hotels, B&B’s, Schools and anywhere else that needs to ensure a safe environment for staff and customers.